Enrich your life, expand your understanding & inspire your unfolding



All of our Isha courses are designed to be educational & empowering. They blend intellectual input and analysis with the practical application. In other words our courses aim to marry knowledge with direct experience. We believe that this is when real learning happens.



Courses vary in duration, from week-long to months-long. They are of different levels (beginner to experienced) and can serve as continued education for those seeking to expand their skill set.


Course Content

Course subjects are varied. They include transpersonal psychology, the mind-body connection in wellbeing, holistic stress management, intensives in self-care, “Spring Cleaning” and “Detox your Life”.



We offer these on site at Isha in Nepal and at retreat/educational sites worldwide.
Online courses are in the making!
Stay tuned for these courses that will enrich your life, expand your understanding and support your unfolding…from wherever you are on the globe.

For more information, contact us at info@isha-institute.com

Workshops / Seminars

Workshops and seminars are reserved blocks of time– shorter than a retreat– when we delve into the specifics of a topic or technique. Short and sweet, inspiring and illuminating, they help us jumpstart a new practice, refine an old one, and benefit from the learning that comes for sharing in community. The Isha Institute offers workshops and seminars on topics of conscious and holistic living inspired by transpersonal psychology, psycho-somatic sciences, and the contemplative wisdom traditions.



Retreats offer the opportunity to step out of our daily routines and dip into a space of contemplation. In this setting we intensify our focus, deepen our presence, and rededicate ourselves to an uplifting, new direction.

Isha holds retreats of different lengths and with a variety of topics and teachings throughout the year and across the globe.  Sign up for our mailing list to receive the updated schedule.

Isha also hosts private retreats for individuals seeking to start or deepen their spiritual practice; to awaken to their life more fully. Whether you are taking time out, riding the waves of a transition, or needing space to find your center, you are welcome to stay with us at Isha. We work with you to tailor a retreat to meet your needs and goals. Contact us.