Counseling & Consultancy

There is a voice within you which no-one, not even you, has ever heard. Give yourself the opportunity of silence and begin to develop your listening in order to hear, deep within yourself, the music of your own spirit.- John O’Donahue

Holistic Counseling

Drawing on the concepts and practical tools of transpersonal psychology, yoga and creative art therapy, this counseling approach aims to invite you into your personal wisdom in order to move through challenges, break destructive patterns and embody a more balanced, healthful life.

Whether you are dealing with short-term or chronic issues, a life transition, or simply need a space to be heard and clear your mind, Isha offers a safe and confidential place in which to do so.

Sessions last 55-75 minutes, depending on the case and circumstances.

Counselor: Yogatara (Lisa A. Gautschi, M.T.P).

Where: Sessions are available in person at Isha as well as online through Skype.

Age: 18 + (sessions for children are available on a case by case evaluation)

Languages: English, French, Nepali

Cost: Isha uses a sliding scale in order to make services available to all. Please inquire for fees.

Yoga Therapy: Yoga therapy is offered through the Isha Center.


Isha brings its skills and holistic approach to wellness to organizations, businesses and institutions. We work with individuals and groups to assess needs and existing structures in order to implement tools and models to improve health, performance, and overall wellbeing.

We do this through the medium of trainings, workshops, individual counseling and group facilitation.

Offerings include:

Holistic Stress Management Workshop
Women’s Wellness Workshop
The importance of Self Care: building & maintaining resilience through challenging times
Institutional Wellness Programs: comprehensive wellness program for greater staff health, satisfaction and productivity.

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