What to Expect

There is no place like Nepal to transform & to find connection. In the land […]

There is no place like Nepal to transform & to find connection.

In the land of the Himalaya, we tap into the rich tradition of Yoga. We explore what is means to not only practice but to live Yoga: to become more present, more resilient, more joy-full, clear, healthy and inspired versions of ourselves!

We’ve designed this course so that YOU:
– deepen your practice & knowledge of Yoga
– get inspired!
– learn practical tools for happier & healthier daily living
– become more clear/confident in your life’s direction
– find support & community (during & after retreat)
– have fun!

– disciplined yogic practice: daily morning sessions & afternoon meditation
– mantra practice: introduction to the science of sound vibration
– learning & discussions on how every part of our lives can more full, joyful and easier!
– personal growth & transformation
– guidance & support
-private Yoga/Holistic Living consultation: identify needs/goals & design a personal practice
– private astrological consultation: your personal chart to clarify your strengths, challenges, health, career, personal life, spiritual path
– rest & relaxation
– free time for reading, writing, resting, exploring on your own
– adventure: explore the well known & lesser known places that only a local would know
– the (manageable) challenges of intensive practice & travel abroad
– happy surprises!

– personal sadhana (practice) tailored to your own abilities, needs & goals
– confidence & clarity in your practice of asana, pranayama & meditation
– new perspectives on yourself & your life path
– sturdier self-respect & self-care
– feeling more comfortable in your own skin
– feeling more at peace with life decisions & experiences
– more resilience to face whatever life brings
– feeling empowered & energized
– support
– inspiration
– more focus
– deep rest
– “YOU” time
– being part of a global uplifting community
– discovery of Nepal’s country & culture: new places, new people, new foods, new friends

This retreat is NOT:
– for those who want primarily a physical practice
– a yoga teacher training
– individual or group therapy
– “tourist-y” tour
– “fluff”

This retreat is for you IF You:
– already have some experience with a yogic and/or spiritual practice
– are sincere in your search to find meaning & positive direction in life
– are self-aware & able to self-manage
– are comfortable being part of a small group (12 people)
– are comfortable to spend time alone
– open to change & learning
– are physically healthy (if you are on meds, you have your dosage and condition stabilized)
– are mentally sound (if you use anti-depressants/ anxiety meds, the dosage works for you)
– open to adventure (new cultures, new people, new perspectives)

PS: a good sense of humor is a bonus! 

Retreat Application:  This retreat is designed more as a lifestyle course than a “Yoga vacation”. We are all about letting our hair down and creating space to celebrate…just without alcohol, substances and all of that jazz.
As such, we are taking applications to help ensure that what you are seeking and what we are offering are the right match.  Space is limited to 12

Please write to us at learning@isha-institute.com for inquiries & applications.