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INSPIRATION & DISCOVERY In November the morning mist lies like a heavy blanket over the […]

In November the morning mist lies like a heavy blanket over the mid-land hills. Beyond them lie the Himalaya, silent majesties that stand guard between earth and the heavens. With sunrise and the birds’ morning song the fog lifts. On a clear day, the mountains appear center stage.

Awe inspiring.

Their very presence is enough to take one into a deep, settled stillness. A stillness where everything is clear, connected and whole.

As steady as the mountains are, below them the bustling capital of Kathmandu and its valley are in full movement. Here, the ancient and the modern mesh. Living Goddesses and countless temples stand fast amidst the hallmarks of a modern metropolis.

It is chaos.
It is Life.

The chaos and the stillness, the new and the ancient, coexist in Nepal. It’s one of the land’s many paradoxes and many blessings that invite our minds and hearts to open: to new possibilities, to new ways, to new understandings.

In this land we call home, the seat of deep spiritual heritage, we invite you to deepen your practice of Yoga.  Living it on, and off, the mat.

On this retreat you will travel and discover both inner and outer landscapes.

In 10 days we venture along the winding alleyways of Patan and Kathmandu’s ancient kingdoms, into the hills where Gautama Buddha and Padmasambhava once found refuge, and to the shores of Begnas Lake, at the feet of the Annapurna range.

Early morning practices, daily discussions and evening meditations bring rhythm and focus to our days. Inner landscapes.

Visits to temples and vibrant bazaars, walks in the hills, massage, private consultations and personal time blend into our schedule. Outer landscapes.

Supported and guided by experienced practitioners & teachers, you are invited to tap into the sources of inspiration & clarity within you.



If you have you been practicing Yoga for some time and are ready to dive deeper to understand and truly live Yoga’s rich offerings…

If you are in-, or coming to the end of a period of change and are seeking to reset your inner compass; to find positive and clear direction…

If you are prepared to invest in yourself and sincere in living more fully–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…

If you have been lighting up your own little corner of the world and are thirsting to be part of- and find support in a global, inspired community

 of these speak to you…

OR you feel something in your belly, your heart, your bones say “yes”…

AND you are ready to take time out in order to tune in….

We invite you to join our 10-day Living Yoga, Living Life Retreat in Nepal, this November 17-26, 2018

Space is limited to 12
To inquire and/or apply:

….if Nepal was not amazing enough….
and you are ready for the experience of a lifetime…

Follow the retreat in Nepal with our Journey to the Source in India, December 02-13.

From Kathmandu we fly south to Calcutta and make our way to Rikhiapeeth Ashram, a vibrant yogic community and tapobhumi of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga.

In Rikhiapeeth Ashram the mandate is “Serve. Love. Give
This is exactly what we will be practicing!

10-days of ashram life, inspired community, seva (selfless service) & the Sat Chandi Maha Yajna, the invocation of the Divine Feminine. Join hundreds of others from all over the globe to open your heart & mind to receive Her Grace.

This is a journey that transforms.
See details on the “India” page.