The Art of Self Care (Module 1)

Life can feel like a juggling act. Our responsibilities at work, our duties at home, […]
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The Art of Self Care (Module 1)
September 15, 2018 10:00 am
Rs. 5500
May 30, 2018
Isha Institute
Chakupat, Patan, Lalitpur, 44700, Select a Country:

Life can feel like a juggling act. Our responsibilities at work, our duties at home, and our social engagements can leave us tired, frustrated, and feeling like we have no time for ourselves. Finding the balance between our personal needs and the needs of those we serve and/or love can be tricky, if not downright difficult at times.

This series of workshops offers the fundamentals of holistic self-management.

It is particularly designed for those of you who are in the role of care provider: teacher, leader, parent, care giver for family members, medical/aide worker, human resource manager, counselor/therapist etc…

In this series we:
(1) learn & understand how stress shows itself in the body & and our mental/emotional behavior (the subtle cues as well as the blaring alarm bells!)
(2) identify personal triggers & individual responses to stress
(3) learn to modulate these responses with tools that include the body & the breath

What is covered:
– begin to learn your own body language: how your body tells you about your physical, emotional & mental state
– discover the breath as an indicator of your state of balance/imbalance
– understand why/how you react the way you do (the physiology of stress)
– uncover your personal triggers: what sets you off? where? how?
– discover your personal resources: what helps you ground, settle, feel connected
– learn techniques to manage uncomfortable sensations & strong emotions (fear, anger, grief, confusion) using body posture, movement and breath
– get clear about your boundaries
– learn how to say “NO” in an empowering & safe way
– learn how to say “YES” with confidence & allowing

– feeling more centered and at ease in your own skin
– increased confidence: when we know the language of our own body-mind-heart we have solid ground to stand on.
– self-respect & appreciation
– increased energy
– lower anxiety
– more space for yourself & more acceptance of others as they are
– better boundaries at work & in personal relationships
– more harmony in relationships (work & personal)
– more enjoyment!

The workshop content and techniques draws upon the rich offerings of Yoga, Somatic Experiencing and transpersonal psychology.

Space limited to 8
Registration: please register in advance at
Investment: Rs. 5500 (includes instruction, tea & vegetarian lunch)