Deepening Awareness & Developing Sadhana: Yoga in every day life

This is a unique opportunity to develop & deepen your personal Yoga practice, both on and off the mat, with one-to-one guidance from experienced instructors.
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Deepening Awareness & Developing Sadhana: Yoga in every day life
November 4, 2017 8:00 am
November 4, 2017 3:00 pm
October 26, 2017
Isha Institute
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Have you been practicing Yoga for some time and can’t seem to get a handle on a regular practice nor understand what this “yoga stuff” is really all about? Are you relatively new to Yoga and sincerely curious to know more? Do you want to experience how a simple, regular practice can create real benefits in your life?

Whether you know your tadasana from your trikonasana, your purusha from your prakriti, or cannot figure out how to pronounce those, this course is for you, if you want to:

  • create a sustainable personal Yoga practice you can do on your own, to support a calmer mind, a happier heart & a healthier body
  • deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of yogic thought (Yoga “A, B, C”s)
  • experience how Yogic principles & practices can bring more ease and goodness into your life

This is a unique opportunity to develop & deepen your personal Yoga practice, both on and off the mat, with one-to-one guidance from experienced instructors.

We’ve designed this course so that it is “user-friendly”– accessible, feasible and applicable to you and your daily life.

Join us from anywhere, online (we’ve gone global!). Course material will be available via video and audio recordings, while personal sessions will be conducted via Skype.

November 2017- March 2018 (5 months)
Saturdays: Nov 4, Dec 16, Jan 13, Feb 17, March 17
Dates are subject to change and aim to be spaced out enough to allow time for practice & assimilation.

Maximum: 10  (up to 6 in person, 4 online)
Why so small?
This is an intensive course. We want to make sure that we support you well. A smaller group ensures that we can give you the necessary attention and that we have enough time and energy to be fully present with you:)

What does the course include?

  • monthly group instruction (1 full-day intensive/month)
  • monthly personal guidance (up to 2 hrs/month of one-on-one support)
  • follow-up personal session (1hr) 3 months post course
  • written course material (manual)
  • access to recordings of mantra & meditation practices for your personal use
  • resources on yoga philosophy, psychology & practice
  • sangha: a community of support and like-minded folk!

How much time does it involve?

  • one Saturday/ month (8am-3pm) [if you are online, complete these at your leisure]
  • up to 2 hours/month of one-to-one sessions
  • self study (~3 hours/week)
  • time for personal practice (30-60 min on a regular basis)

That’s a minimum of 12 hours a month, or 24 min/day. Piece of cake!

What you get out of the course:

  • personal sadhana (practice) tailored to your abilities, needs & goals
  • clarity & confidence in postures (asana) & breathing techniques (pranayama) & meditation
  • experience how Yoga can improve your health, mindset, energy, work life & relationships
  • new perspectives
  • knowing yourself better & how to manage yourself in healthier ways
  • feeling more empowered & energized
  • feeling more comfortable in your own skin
  • more resilience to face what life delivers (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • focus
  • inspiration!

What kind of Yoga is practiced/taught?
The approach taught throughout this course is inspired by the Bihar Yoga Tradition. This integral system of Yoga aims to develop the whole personality–the body, the mind, emotions, energy, and spirit. It draws from the various traditions of Yoga, namely Hatha, Raja, Kriya, Jnana, Karma and Bhakti. The Bihar Yoga Tradition offers a comprehensive means for people of different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds to find the practical tools that encourage wellness and an inspired life.

Yogatara (main instructor) & Deependra (available for private monthly consultations)


This course is FOR YOU, IF you :

  • have some basic experience in Yoga
  • are familiar with Yoga and want to deepen your knowledge & practice
  • are sincere & committed to your wellbeing and growth
  • want to experience the benefits of a sustained practice
  • can commit to 5 months of practice & study
  • are able to work independently
  • are ready to share in a small community of support
  • want to know yourself better, treat yourself better and enjoy your own company and the company of others more!

This course is NOT:

  • a yoga teacher training
  • for those who only want a physical practice
  • a drop-in workshop
  • personal or group therapy
  • “fluff”

How much does it cost?
US$ 680 for 5 months (USD 136/month) OR
US$ 620 when paid in full (USD 124/month)

There are two payment options:
In full by Nov 01st, for
US$ 620
In 2 installments of $340 each (the 1st by Nov 01st & the 2nd by Dec 15th)
Contact us for payment details.

How do I apply?
Sign up by filling out the application on our website under the course title.
Contact us and we’ll send you the link for an online application

Space is limited to 10

For details on course content, format & delivery