Women’s Wellness Retreat

Join us for a weekend of discovery and empowerment in the stunning setting of Namo Buddha Resort. Tap into the wisdom & practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to discover ways to better care for our bodies, minds and hearts as women.
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Women’s Wellness Retreat
March 24, 2017 4:00 pm
March 26, 2017 5:00 pm
Rs.26,500 (twin shared), Rs. 32,000 (single room)
Isha Institute
March 13, 2017
Namo Buddha Resort
Kavre, Nepal

Join us for a weekend of discovery and empowerment in the stunning setting of Namo Buddha Resort. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sarita Shrestha we tap into Ayurveda’s wisdom to uncover the wealth of knowledge, practices and guidelines to help care for our bodies, hearts and minds as women.

Ayurveda and Yoga are often coined as the sister sciences of the Vedic tradition, for good reason. Ayurveda, literally translated from the Sanskrit as ‘the knowledge (veda) of life (ayu)’ is the traditional holistic healing science of the Indian subcontinent. Tracing its origins over 5000 years, it is a practical science of right living, that offers preventive and curative treatments by the use of food and natural elements (herbs, minerals etc) for the imbalances that we experience as the absence of joy in life and/or illnesses.

Yoga, a term that is now recognized worldwide, is a science of evolution– of awakening our full potential as human beings. It prescribes right thought, right action, a healthy body, clear energy and refined mind as pillars for a life of sustained wellbeing and the full, creative expression of ourselves.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda celebrate the co-existence of Shiva (male principle) and Shakti (feminine principle). Both also prescribe specific practices and care-taking guidelines for each.

This weekend, learn about, explore and honor the beauty and uniqueness of the Shakti within you. Uncover your unique constitution and learn to move, eat, think and feel your way towards a healthier, more present and more vibrant you.

This weekend retreat includes:

  • daily asana & pranayama practice
  • daily meditation
  • introduction to Ayurvedic principles & guidelines for women’s health
  • ldelicious vegetarian meals
  • personal time for reflection, rest, walks etc…
  • good company!

Level: all welcome

Cost: Please note that there are TWO fares. These are based on the type of accommodation you choose: twin shared or single (private). Preference is given on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate your request.  Please register in advance to sign up for the accommodation of your choice.

Rs. 26,500 (twin shared basis)

Rs. 32,000 (single room)

Price includes: 2 nights accommodation; all meals (vegetarian) during the retreat; transportation to/from Namo Buddha; instruction

About the Instructors:

Dr. Sarita Shrestha, M.D. Ayurveda, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Benares Hindu University), is a classically trained Ayurvedic physician, specializing in women’s health. Dr. Sarita is a gifted clinician who teaches internationally. She is known for her warmth, wisdom and simple yet effective treatments. She is the consulting Ayurvedic physician at the Isha Institute.

Please register in advance by writing to info@ishacenter.com or calling 98511-05254 (Yogatara) or 98510-94177 (Deependra).