Set your life on fire. seek those who fan your flames.

— Rumi


Our approach to teaching and learning is holistic. It encompasses all facets of the human experience– physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and creative. We rejoice in- and honor the fact that different people learn in different ways.


Direct Experience

Growth happens through intellectual stimulation and understanding as well as through first hand experience of what is being learned. Our courses and our community facilitate an environment in which intellectual understanding meets intuitive and practical “knowing”.



We agree to disagree. We believe that dialogue promotes fertile ground for expansion and deepened insight. We bring together people from different backgrounds, traditions, and spiritual beliefs who embrace the core values and goals that Isha upholds.


Global connection

Our community thrives because of its diversity and worldwide connections. The Isha community includes people of different cultures, from different areas of expertise and life experiences. This diversity and global connection create a place of rich exchange and learning.