There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.

— Rumi


We do our best to “walk the talk” and practice what we teach. There is nothing more transformative than to teach by example. Practicing integrity requires honesty, self reflection, self correction and courage, which is not always easy.



Being attentive- and attuned to another’s situation and needs is life changing. Service to others lends perspective, fosters appreciation, and exemplifies the power we have to help create positive change in the world. Self-care is fundamental to true service. It is only when we are full and overflowing with energy and loving presence that we can truly give.


Yogic living

Yoga is a rich and transformative science of joyful and creative living. Through it we understand that (1) we are much more than we think we are and (2) we are part of a greater whole and are linked to all of creation. A life full of meaning invites us to be present and do the best we can in each moment; it encourages us to develop awareness, acceptance, self reliance, respect and responsibility.