It is never too late to be what you might have been.

— George Elliot


All that we do at Isha– whether it be teaching, counseling or consulting– aims to empower people and communities. Our intention is that individuals come away with some insight, knowledge or practical tool that uplifts and empowers them to become the captain of their life, and the master of their destiny so that they may contribute to our world’s healing and growth.



Life is change. Evolution is a change that brings greater awareness, deeper compassion, positive transformation and expansive possibilities. It’s what we are all about!



As much as change starts with each individual, we are caretakers of one another. Isha is a community of souls with a similar vision to uplift and evolve. In our community, and with those with whom we work, we aim to create links of support and opportunities for learning through dialogue, diversity, creativity, humor and respect.