The Isha Institute is a center of transpersonal education and conscious living. Based in Patan, Nepal, Isha’s reach is both local and global.

Isha offers seminars, workshops and retreats in the contemplative wisdom traditions as well as holistic counseling and consultation services for individuals and organizations seeking authentic well-being.

Isha’s roots are seeded in the life science of yoga–an ancient and rich tradition of philosophy and practices that foster harmony, joy and evolution on all levels.

The different facets of Isha

In order to adhere to the regulations the Nepal government we are registered under two names.
The “Isha Center” is Isha’s official branch of yogic and vedic sciences. The “Isha Institute” is Isha’s branch, and broader umbrella, of holistic personal development.
Our sister branch, Isha L.L.C, is our representative in the U.S. and is registered in the State of Maine.
You will notice that events are linked to either the center or the institute. This is to comply with government regulations. Whichever one you choose, you will be joining events with the same spirit and inspiration: Isha, the awakened consciousness of the heart center that uplifts, empowers and brings light where there is darkness.

Please note that we have no affiliation with Sadguru’s Isha Foundation.